How It Works


We have worked really hard to put together a format that turns this concept from a glorified karaoke night into a full rock star experience with the focus firmly on the entertainment and pleasure of the audience, not just the singers themselves.  It is very important to us that our brand consistently provides all venues with the highest quality and to do that, we have created a solid format to deliver this concept to the highest standard.  This is a combination of technology, marketing and professionalism that sets us apart from others in this field and underpins our brand as the best live band karaoke experience in Australia, if not the world.   Integral to the success of our live band karaoke shows are our MC’s.

Our MC’s will help make the night run smoothly.  They will:

  • Help you select songs
  • Collect all the names and song selections for the night
  • Get the crowd fired up for a big night
  • Help out on stage if you get nervous
  • Help to sing harmonies with the singers
  • Sing some songs themselves to warm up the crowd or fill the gaps.

After a few songs by the band to hype up the night, patrons write down their song choice on our request sheet for a chance at fronting the rock band.  You can even request your song online, click here to jump the queue.  You can see our huge song list here as well.  The band and MC will choose the order of ‘rock stars’ to keep the night running smoothly (and keep the set coherent for the audience).  Incentives can be offered for people to take part (#freedrink), or prizes can be awarded to the best performer on the night to generate buzz during the performance.  The band will perform 3 extended sets with the Rockaoke performers, with short breaks between.

For the audience, the process couldn’t be easier:

1. Pick a song from our menu provided
2. Write your request on the MC’s sheet at front of stage
3. Wait to be called
4. Sing with the band

It really is that easy!


All the lyrics are shown via custom made video’s on our large flat screen monitor which move in sync with the band.  We are the first and only live band karaoke to provide this form of technology on the planet!  It couldn’t be easier to follow the words during the song – leaving more time for people to concentrate on their singing, performing  and rocking out!

Rockaoke’s custom technology sets us apart from other similar experiences, providing a seamless and professional entertainment package that is unique in its field.  As an added bonus, we send the lyrics out to the TVs in the venue so the entire audience can sing along with the band.  Just that alone can make it a memorable night for the audience!



Please if you have any questions, we would love to hear from you.  Click here to email us or please call:

1300 668 200