On the back of five successful years of booking and performing live band karaoke in Europe, Tim and Ian decided to bring this new entertainment concept to Australia and they haven't looked back...

Don’t be fooled, this is not a karaoke night. These bands are comprised of professional and experienced musicians who focus on entertaining the entire audience.


​Tim is the founder of Live Music Management Ltd, one of the largest entertainment agencies in the UK and has been booking Rockaoke into high-end corporate events throughout England and Europe for the past five years.  In that time, no one could have predicted the huge growth that was seen in this type of entertainment within the corporate world.  Live band karaoke has taken the UK by storm and has been featured regularly on national TV, radio, corporate events and festivals.  Based on our success in the UK we have now set up in Australia and have brought this fantastic new concept down under.

With a passion for music, Ian had been playing in Rockaoke bands for 3 years before moving back home to Australia and meeting up with Tim.  Together they wanted to bring their love of playing and performing music to everyone here in Australia.  They also wanted to do live band karaoke better than anywhere in the world and had the experience to back it up.  To deliver a successful live band karaoke night, the audience must not be forgotten.  Rockaoke Australia wanted to ensure that the entire audience is entertained, involved and engaged throughout the show (unlike karaoke where it is just the singers seeking gratification and often at the expense of the audience).  Technology was the key. Ian’s expertise in this area has allowed Rockaoke Australia to design a system to ensure everyone on stage and even the audience can follow the words and sing along in time with the band.  No music stands, no paper, no one getting lost and losing time.  Just the words flowing on giant flat screen TV’s.  No other act has this facility.  This unique and exciting brand of entertainment is guaranteed to make any event the highlight of the year.

After two years of planning, Rockaoke Australia was finally ready to rock the Kasbah….and the Clients?  They love it!

Rockaoke Is Here To Stay