Choosing The Right Song

How do I choose the best song for me?

To get the most out of your Rockaoke experience we have a few simple tips to choosing the song that will make you sound the BEST you can. Even if you can’t hold a tune too well, your song choice can make a huge difference to your singing. Many famous bands have singers with dubious vocal ability!


  1. Think about the sound of your voice – is it high pitched, deep, falsetto, male, female? – all these make a difference to how you sound when the band is rocking out. Think about your strengths and weak points and your overall vocal ability. If you are honest with yourself you will choose a song that suits YOUR ability. Bohemain Rhapsody may be a cool song, but few people can hit the high notes like Freddie!
  2. Have a look through the Rockaoke song list on the website – think about which singers suit your vocal style (not just the songs you ‘like’). Do you have a raspy voice or a clean voice? Do you sound more ‘rock’ or ‘pop’? Make a shortlist of songs that fit your style.
  3. From your shortlist, familiarise yourself with the songs and the melody (eg. on Youtube/Spotify) – is it in a key which suits your voice (ie, not too high or too low), can you sing it without losing breath, are you familiar with melody so you know where the words go? Of course you don’t need to memorise the lyrics, but the better you know how the song is structured, the more you can concentrate on rocking out with the band!
  4. And finally – on the night – have a look around the audience and think about the timing for your song choices. Eg. ‘Killing in the Name’ may not be the most appropriate in the first set when people are just getting into the groove – take into account the audience, venue, and timing, and choose a song that will get a GREAT response from the crowd when it’s your turn to impress!

Remember as well, our MC’s are great at helping you choose songs and putting the songs in a good order, so make sure you speak up if you want help!

Being a rock star is all about CONFIDENCE – if you feel the song is within your vocal limits, and you know the structure and melody of the song, then nothing can stop you from ripping it up on stage! It’s all in the performance!


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