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Christmas party ideas

10 reasons why Rockaoke will ROCK your Christmas party

Yes that’s right, it’s June and we are talking about Christmas party ideas.  Well these days, you need to get your Christmas party ideas sorted early before all the good entertainment is booked!  Here at Rockaoke Australia HQ, we are very passionate about providing the best NEW entertainment possible to our clients.  To achieve this, we have worked really hard on creating a fresh approach to providing party bands.  Live band karaoke has really evolved into a whole new genre of entertainment.  Put simply, we are not just a bunch of guys playing instruments while we pluck random singers out of the audience.  We put on a ROCKING SHOW which allows you and your guests to be at the forefront of the entertainment.  Rockaoke takes the party band formula and adds a whole new interactive level!  Here are 10 reasons why booking Rockaoke Australia will be one of the best Christmas party ideas you’ve ever had:

  1. People love Karaoke

That’s right; everyone loves karaoke… That’s until drunken billy gets up to sing an Engelbert Humperdinck song and drives the audience bonkers! OK, so not everyone can sing.  We know that all too well here at Rockaoke.  You see, we are all about the entertainment!  Whether you can sing, can’t sing or think you can sing, we adapt the show accordingly so the audience are enjoying themselves from the first song to the encore!  Most people love a good karaoke night and we embrace all levels from first timers to professional singers.  But with Rockaoke, we take karaoke to the next level and let the singers experience the thrill of a live band backing them. This means we can make great singers shine and horrible singers sound good as well.  We basically take the best elements of karaoke and amplify them, while removing the annoying parts.  But what we are all about is the experience!

  1. New experience

Previously, singing with a live band to an audience was something many people only dreamed of doing.  When karaoke came along, a lot of people could show off their skills, but still it was singing to a backing track.  Rockaoke lets you unleash your inner rock star and dive full throttle into an absorbing once-in-a-lifetime musical experience.  Singing in front of your own band has now become not only a reality, but easy as well.  You don’t even have to remember the lyrics!!

  1. Follow the lyrics on a screen

We have created our own technology to let both the singers and the audience sing the lyrics to the songs, all in perfect time with the band!  This has really been a revelation and has taken our show to another level!  There is something quite powerful about an entire audience singing with the band!  Now you can experience what this is like from the stage.  We can tell you, it is hair-raising!

  1. Rocking Party Band

The band themselves are made up of professional musicians who have played with many popular acts and have performed hundreds of live band karaoke shows all around the world.  They now make Australia their home and are ready to ROCK YOUR WORLD!  Not only do they perform as YOUR band, they can play plenty of party music themselves to warm up the audience, keep the party going and help the singers along the way.  They also rock out all the popular Christmas songs putting this concept at the top of the Christmas party ideas stocking list!

  1. Hilarious MC

Throughout the night, you are entertained by our incredible singer and MC.  He not only guides the singers through their song choices and offers help on stage if needed, he provides non-stop entertainment throughout the event.  Guys will be falling off their chairs in laughter while all the girls will be lining up under the mistletoe!

  1. Capturing the moment

Not only will your guests have a great night performing to all their friends and colleagues, we organise professional photography to capture the unforgettable moments.  We can also organise filming to really take your rock star experience to the next level and help make this one of the most rocking Christmas party ideas ever.

  1. Bring people together with music

It can’t be denied that everyone loves to sing; either by themselves, with a band, karaoke or just singing along at a gig.  The power of this feeling can’t be underestimated.  Henry Wadsworth Longfellow summed it up nicely when he said that “Music is the universal language of mankind.”   Here at Rockaoke, we embody that sentiment.  Nothing unites a group of people more than performing together.  No doubt, your guests will be raving about this concept for a long time to come – And it will be because they had a great time, together.

  1. Opens more Rockaoke party ideas

There are so many other ways of conducting Rockaoke Christmas party ideas as well.  We have run many corporate singing competitions or in-house Idols.  This is a great way to showcase some of the hidden talent inside your organisation and it so much fun.  Rockaoke is also perfect for fundraising initiatives whereby guests donate money for the song they want to sing.  It’s great with an auction as well.  There are also themed nights that work well.  You might want to try a rock star Christmas party idea, or a daggy 80’s Christmas theme.  We also have over 200 songs to choose from and the ability to request new songs to suit your event, for instance, christmas carols (rocked up of course).  It is also great idea to spice things up and giveaway prizes for the best, worst and most entertaining singers?

  1. Other Christmas party ideas

Along with live band karaoke, our team also have created some other entertainment services the can be used either independently, or alongside our live band karaoke concept.  Along with our Team building concept, we also have a country version of live band karaoke called the Wild West Karaoke band which can further add to the uniqueness of your event.  Another popular bolt on to Rockaoke is a concept we call Beat the Band.  This is a great new twist on the classic music trivia night, with the band playing the questions live.  Another great new concept is called Musical Bingo where the DJ or band plays the music, and the audience mark the songs off as they go in order to reach bingo.  It is brand new, addictive, cool, interactive and you can find out more here if you like the sound of it.  All of these concepts are super fun and are amazing Christmas party ideas that will make your event stand out from the crowd.

  1. Makes your event STAND OUT

Ultimately, we aim to provide fresh and exciting entertainment that will make your event, function, fundraiser, gala dinner or private party stand out from the rest!  We always work very closely with our clients to deliver the most enjoyable musical experience possible and ensure the quality of the acts are of the highest standard and the fun is turned up to maximum.  This is why we believe that Rockaoke is one of the best Christmas party ideas you’ll ever see.

If this sounds like something that is going to blow your mind (trust us, it will), then we would love to hear from you!  Until then, we hope to see you on stage, rocking the house down!

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