Rockaoke will redefine corporate entertainment as you know it. It's engaging, exciting and addictive. All your guests will rave about what it's like to be Rockstar and sing with a real live band!

Rockaoke Australia has over 5 years of corporate experience throughout Europe, Asia and Australia. Our musicians have played all over the world and supported many famous acts. The perfect band to rock out on stage with!


If you are looking for a new and exciting corporate entertainment idea that will impress your guests at your next event, look no further than Rockaoke Australia.  We provide the best live band karaoke experience in Australia, if not the world! What does that mean? We are the band that let’s the audience get up and sing! That’s right, we literally turn anyone into a Rockstar! To see how much people love it, you can check out some photos of our previous events here.  Don’t be fooled, this is no karaoke night.  We have experienced and professional musicians performing the best pop/rock party songs spanning over the last five decades and including the latest hits. Check out our list here.  Live band karaoke is perfect for any corporate function, event, conference or celebrity party.  Check out what all our happy clients have said about their rock star experiences here.

The thrill of performing live on stage is as breathtaking as you can imagine.  Rockaoke have now made it possible to experience the impossible! With live band karaoke, members of the audience now have the chance to live the dream and channel their inner Rock star by getting up on stage to sing with the band. Not only that, the quality ofentertainment is of the highest standard.  Entertainment is our priority! What could be better than to sing with a live band? Your own live band.

Our sister company in London  has been booking live band karaoke into high end corporate events throughout England and the Europe for the past 7 years and has seen massive growth of this type of concept within the corporate world.  Rockaoke Australia comes as a full entertainment package.   They have performed at numerous corporate events throughout Europe and have a reputation as one of the best party bands in the UK.  We can also extend this package to include 1 or 2 day team building “rock star” workshops that we have developed in the UK.  Yes, this is as amazing as it sounds!  For more info check out our Rockaoke Team Building package


​Lyrics are shown on large television screens ensuring the singer and the audience can sing to their hearts content without having to remember the words. They’ll never have to worry about losing their place either as the lyrics move in time with the band, unique to our brand and a world first. Songs can be requested either on the night or prior to an event via our online request sheet of over 200 party, pop and rock songs!

Typically, the show will start by song menus being handed out (by our MC, band members or event representative) for guests to peruse.  The band are able to play a warm up set during this time as well.  Guests will then be encouraged to write their names down on our scheduling sheet.  Once there are a few names down, the main act will start…YOU! The MC will call people up and ensure all participants receive a rock star entrance with a rousing applause.  Guests are free to come up in groups (although from our experience, any more than 5 can diminish the experience).

We understand that all events are run differently, and as a result, we work very closely with the event organisers to ensure a great show.  We have run all types of formats with this brand of live band karaoke and have run them very successfully.  We have the ability to run the night as an Idol/The voice style competition, as well as themed nights (Old school, 80’s, rock star, Aussie etc).  Other events have included a mix of live band karaoke and the live band performing by themselves.

There are many other benefits of hiring your own customised karaoke band.  Product launches have utilised Rockaoke very successfully in the UK because Rockaoke works! It is also a great way to raise money for charity events.  We can also help you devise a promotional and marketing strategy if necessary as Rockaoke has massive viral and social media potential.  Who wouldn’t want to be seen as a “real” rock star?

However you would like to run your event, we have the ability, flexibility and the experience.  Speak to us now and let us help you make your next event the standout function of the year.




Our Rockaoke Corporate Package provides a range of extra special features which are designed to enhance the entertainment and ensure the singers receive the ultimate “Rockstar” experience:

  • The bands are dressed up in full “Rockstar” costumes
  • An MC to host the night (more info below)
  • Stage TV monitors to show lyrics for both singers AND audience
  • Extra costumes and wigs are provided for the singers
  • Larger song list with more variety (a choice of up to 200 songs)
  • Option to request songs not on the list
  • Tailored programming to suit any corporate event or function
  • Full professional lighting show and PA system can be organised
  • Option to include a unique Live Music Trivia competition
  • Option to include graphic design and artwork for posters, flyers, banners and other promotional material


Our MC’s provide a professional link between the audience and the performers.  They are very experienced and provide an element of humour which helps to break the ice with an audience.  ​Not only are they vital to ensuring the performance flows smoothly, they are also there to provide help and advice during the night. This gives all the performers the confidence they need to rock out and entertain the crowd.


We have a wide variety of songs to choose from.  In fact, we have nearly 200 songs which include all the party favorites from the 50’s right through to the latest hits pumping on the radio today.  ​It’s also important to note that we cover a wide range of music to suit many singers and age groups.  Our only criteria for selecting songs is that it keeps the dance floor pumping.  Our mantra is to entertain everyone and ensure we all have a good time, therefore we have been very careful to select our songs.  We do have a great selection ranging from Abba to Maroon 5 and Elvis to The Killers. We have everything from Pop, Dance, Rock, Disco, Country and of course all the cheesy dance floor numbers that keep everyone singing along and having a good time!


How much does this package cost?
Due to many variables including numbers, venue, PA, availability and location it is difficult to provide a set price.  But please contact us with some basic details of your event and we will promptly return with an approximate price for you.

Do you provide PA and lights?
This aspect also depends on many variables.  For larger events, PA and lights need to be hired which we can provide at additional costs.  We can also help you organise any of the technical side of productions as well if necessary

I can’t sing, can I still participate? 
Of course, we are about providing a once in a lifetime experience as well as first class entertainment.  Our MC’s and band members are there to help you every step of the way (unlike Karaoke, we can make you sound good!)

Can I request a song that is not on the list?
Yes you can.  With enough notice (3 weeks) we can usually learn just about anything.  However, we do draw the line at songs that the crowd just won’t get into. We’ll let you know!

Can I play the instruments?
Short answer: No.  This is not a jam night and the musicians have worked really hard to ensure a polished, tight performance which can only come from hours of rehearsal.  Depending on the circumstance though, we can facilitate this sometimes.  With notice, we can let someone play harmonica or maybe guitar at a pinch.

Am I able to just dance on stage with the band?
Yes you can do that if you like? You will regret it if you don’t grab a mic though!

Can you play a song in a different key?
Sometimes, but generally we keep the key the same as the original. Sometimes we also play a high song in a lower key to make it easier for most people to sing. Just let us know and we’ll see what we can do.

For more info please contact us or check out more of our general FAQs