This concept is sure to be a talking point at any festival!


Rockaoke has become the latest craze in Outdoor Festivals. Throughout the UK and Europe over the past 5 years Live Band Karaoke has become a familiar act and site at major festivals. It is also extremely popular with the crowds looking for that something extra. Karaoke seems to be the thing of the past and now festival lovers queue up at the Live Band Karaoke stage for a chance to perform and jump around with a live rock band just like their favourite act on the Big Stage.

Rockaoke Australia has an international set list to suit all festival lovers with a unique system that allows the performer to follow the words on the monitors or the big screen whilst singing with the band. They are a totally professional outfit and have years of experience performing Rockaoke throughout the UK and Europe.


We can adapt our format in many ways to suit the requirements of any festival. For example, we have the ability to play a 1 hour slot on a big stage between acts, or the band can play in their own sponsored or non-sponsored tent for anything up to 8 hours making this concept the perfect addition to any killer festival line-up. The show works in a similar way to our corporate shows, however the punters are more rigorously screened side of stage to ensure a quality performance. Audience members are invited to submit their requests online or near the stage before the show. Our management team are also on deck to ensure their are no gaps in the entertainment and the show runs smoothly.

The band also have the ability to adapt the set list to suit the style and the acts of the festival. Our Wild West Karaoke Band is perfect for Country, folk or blues festivals while our main Rockaoke Australia brand can do just about anything else. The bands would also include the main hits from the main acts appearing at the festival to give their fans and even greater experience.

For the lucky few that get to experience the thrill of singing in front of an audience at a festival, this memento will live with them for the rest of their lives forever connecting them to your festivals brand.