Don't be fooled, this is no karaoke night! The bands are made up of experienced and professional musicians. The entertainment is first class!

Kiss said "god gave rock'n'roll to everyone", but it is Rockaoke Australia that has turned everyone into Rock stars and we are coming to a venue near you!


And what is this new sensation? It’s like a pumped up, real life karaoke. Instead of “singing” along to a backing track, the “singer” has a real live band backing them – Drums, Bass and Guitar.  This karaoke band is the ultimate in interactive entertainment and a great night out for aspiring entertainers and all their mates.  To be the lead singer of a rock band is an adrenaline rush few people get to experience, but with Rockaoke Australia’s live karaoke band THEY are the entertainment.

Live band karaoke as a concept has grown exceptionally fast over the past 5 years and  in the UK  has been regularly featured on major radio and television stations, Live Festivals, corporate events, celebrity private parties.  It has become the entertainment package for hundreds of venues around the country who use live karaoke bands as a regular nights entertainment. Why? Because it works and people absolutely love it. We want everyone to experience the thrill of being a Rock star, so we have created Rockaoke Nights – A stripped down version of our product for bars, pubs, nightclubs or private parties.

Rockaoke Australia plays regularly in Brisbane and the Gold Coast and we are currently expanding our karaoke bands into Sydney, Melbourne, Newcastle, Cairns, Canberra and throughout the country with the intention of making Rockaoke Australia a house-hold brand name.  When people think of karaoke bands, we want them to say Rockaoke Australia.   Our books are also filling up fast, so if you want to talk to us about placing a Rockaoke event, wherever you are in Australia, we would love to hear from you.  Please get in contact with us by calling 1300 668 200 or email. In the meantime, please check out our rocking range of packages and how our nights work for more info on all Rockaoke Australia has to offer. Of course, if you want to see us play live, check out our gig list and get in contact with us on facebook.


For most bar and nightclub venues, the band provides all their own Backline, PA, promotional banners, requests sheets and song menus with an extensive repertoire of classic and current hits for all ages from ABBA to AC/DC. Check out our huge list here. Part of the whole experience is made even better by having the ability to provide all the lyrics to the songs on a large Flat Screen monitor (Barely noticeable to the audience) with large words that flow in time with the band. This makes it both easy to read and will never let the singer/s get confused or lost. In fact, Rockaoke Australia are the only Rockaoke band in the world to use this technology specifically created by us to ensure the highest quality product and entertainment value. This really does enhance the whole experience by enabling the singers to focus on simply singing, performing and entertaining.

Patrons will write their chosen songs on our performer sheet and the band will choose the order of songs on the night. This is to keep the night running smoothly (and keep the set coherent for all the audience). The band will play a few warm-up tunes to get the night started and then the real fun begins. The bar can offer a free drink or other incentives if singers bring in a crowd for their performance or there are any superb acts. The band will perform 3 sets with the Rockaoke performers, with short breaks in the middle. For the audience, it really is too easy to become a Rock star for the night:

Just pick a song, get up onstage, follow the words on our flat screen TVs and you become the Rock star. It’s that easy!!!!

Talk to us now if you want your venue to ROCK! Your customers will be amazed!!