Our Rockaoke team building activities will unleash your inner rock star! Our workshops will turn mere mortals into rock gods...



Massive in the UK among the leading blue chip companies, our Rockaoke team building activities have become one of the top pics for any company looking to get the most out of their staff in one of the most enjoyable and rewarding experiences available.  Basically, we provide the opportunity to live out the dream of singing in front of a live band, on a big stage with all the effects, lights, smoke and a large PA System.  This concept is set to be the hottest trend for 2014 and guaranteed to be one of the most rewarding team building activities you’ll ever come across.

Rockaoke Australia now offer this package as a complete rock star workshop. We turn your team, your work colleagues or your company into real life rock stars! That’s right, we teach you, we spoil you and we get the most out of you.  Its loud, it’s a lot of fun and you won’t believe your work colleges could do that!


As a completely new take on team building activities, this corporate package combines elements of live band karaoke and a rock’n’roll music workshop. It can be offered as an afternoon coaching session followed by concert performances or as the full package which includes:

  1. Singing and vocal coaching
  2. Recording
  3. Performance
  4. Film clip documentary of the full day

This unique package provides a unifying, enjoyable and positive experience for select staff groups.  Our team building activities have been uniquely designed to build confidence and team morale.  It gives groups a rare and unique opportunity to rehearse and practice their songs with a rock band in the studio or event location if desired.  It is also important to note that the program has been designed to include both singers and non-singers thus indiscriminate of musical ability. Once the workshop is over, the teams then get the chance to perform their songs in front of their work colleagues during the event or function that evening.


Rockaoke Australia start the team building activities during the day and help to choose a song for each person or team of 4 (or less). They then work in groups that focus on backing harmonies.  Once everyone has their part, the band work on the participants individually so that everyone gets a chance to practice onstage prior to their performance. The stage, lighting and PA would be partly set up prior to personnel arriving to give that feeling of a pre-concert atmosphere, complete with sound checks, roadies and a backstage room.

Towards the end of the day the lights fade and the performance begins. Each performer is dressed up accordingly in rock star clothes and props provided by us.  Just like live band karaoke,  the words appear on big flat screen TVs to help the singers remember the words and also to encourage the audience to sing along. When the bands starts playing, each team or solo artist gets to put their practice into action and perform like a rock star with our amazing band.  The whole day is then filmed reality style to give the now rock stars a tangible memory to take away with them. As a complete package, these are team building activities like nothing else on the market.


There are many benefits that these team building activities offer for companies looking to develop morale and team confidence. Participants will:​

  • ​Learn how to put on a big performance by working together as a team
  • Learn how to work together to release their inner rock star
  • Be able to choose to sing lead or can sing back-up vocals
  • Learn singing techniques and harmonies to give them more confidence
  • Learn insider performing secrets which they will be able to put into practice
  • Receive advice and guidance from the professional musicians
  • Have many opportunities to sing with the band either as lead or back-up
  • Be treated to a Rock’n’roll makeover including costumes, make-up, photo shoots
  • Be able to re-live their Rock’n’roll dream with DVD/Audio recordings of their performance

So what are you waiting for?  Take this rare opportunity and let your organisation become a company of ROCK STARS!

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We will be more than happy to discuss this great concept with you in more detail.