How do I pronounce “Rockaoke”?

Great question! It is Rock-ee-o-key. In other words it rhymes with Karaoke.

Do I have to know the words?

Not at all, the band have all the lyrics on their large flat screen TV that move in sync with the band – get on stage and sing it loud and proud. It has never been easier to ROCK!  It does pay to at least know the song of course, but that hasn’t stopped people before…

What if I get nervous?

The Rockaoke band are there to help you every step of the way – don’t worry, they’ll make you sound great with back up vocals and prompts if you need.

Do you just do rock music?

We are a rock band, but we cover lots of genres.  We play pop, Top 40, disco, country, soul, R&B, punk and dance music for example.  We do apply a strong emphasis on party music but basically, we play anything that is popular and keeps the dance-floor pumping.  We just want everyone to have a night to remember.

Can I play drums, guitar or bass with the band?

No, this is not a jam night.  These guys are professional players and it is vital to the night that everything sounds as polished as possible. But if someone wanted to get up and play a bit of harmonica, that would definitely be OK.

What about Tambourine?

Are you kidding?  No way at all.  It’s a sure fire way of annoying everyone at the venue, and come on, it’s not very cool is it?

Will I pick up after the show?

Yes. It’s the nature of the rock n’ roll business.

Following lyrics isn’t very Rock’n’Roll, Bon Jovi doesn’t do it?

Yeah but Axle Rose, Mick Jagger and Stevie Tyler do, what’s your point?

Can groups of people get up to sing?

Yes of course, but ideally no more than 4 at one time. Rockstars need their space.  The stage can get very crowded with too many people grasping for the microphone.

Can I request a song that is not on the list?

Yes you can click here and let us know. But we do draw the line at songs that most people just won’t get into. Here is a small example of artists we won’t do (no offense):

  • Celine Dion
  • Tina Arena
  • Boyzone
  • Take That
  • Barry Manilow
  • Engelbert Humperdinck
  • Creed
  • Jonas Brothers

I can’t sing, can I still participate?

Yes of course, you can help your mate sing harmonies or just scream and shout when they are up on stage to make them feel like a Rock star. Don’t be nervous though, most people find that once they have been on stage and sung a song with the band it was way too much fun to even think about being scared. The band are there with you all the way too, so don’t worry, they’ll do their best to make you sound good (unlike a karaoke machine!).

Am I able to just dance on stage with the band?

Yes you can do that if you like? You will regret it if you don’t grab a mic though!

Can you play a song in a different key?

Sometimes, but generally we keep the key the same as the original. Sometimes we also play a high song in a lower key to make it easier for most people to sing. Just let us know and we’ll see what we can do.

Is this a glorified version of karaoke?

Not really, it is a lot more interactive and there is the live band factor. This is not only important for entertainment reasons, but it also has the ability to make the singer sound better and help them through songs that they might not be too familiar with. This makes it way more palatable for the audience and a much better experience overall. And karaoke was so last season!

Can I win anything?

Well it depends on the venue, but we are sure you’ll get a rousing reception from a crazy audience. Now that’s something money can’t buy!

Is it a good idea to practice at home?

Rome wasn’t built in a day! But yeah, all the songs are listed here on the website, so go for it! You can also listen to our set list if you have spotify by clicking here then scrolling down to see our playlist.

I can’t hear myself in the foldback speaker?

It’s most probably because you’re not very good and the sound guy has turned the volume down. Just kidding! First thing, try bringing the microphone closer to your mouth? Literally make it touch your lips! If that still doesn’t work, ask the band or sound guy to turn you up. If that still doesn’t work, sing louder until it does!!

Where are we based?

Rockaoke Australia is an Australian brand with live karaoke bands based in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast and Byron Bay.  We are expanding to other cities throughout Australia including Adelaide, Canberra, Newcastle, Woolongong, Townsville, Cairns, Hobart, Perth and Darwin.  We also have the ability to deliver this concept not just across Australia but throughout Asia including Japan, China, Hong Kong, Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, Philippines, the South Pacific and New Zealand.  

If you want to know anything else at all, we would LOVE to hear from you.  Feel free to facebook us, contact us by email or call 1300 668 200